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2022 Program

Day One - September 24
Panel A: Victorian Society
  • Susannah Aston: ‘There Will Be Poems’: Franklin, The Terror and the Noble Failure narrative

  • Shelley Yang: Imperial Apparitions: Victorian Periodicals and the Search for Franklin (1848-1860)

  • skazka: Always Simple & Sincere: Protestant Doctrine & Difference In The Franklin Expedition

Panel B: Literature and Art
  • Reg: The C, the C, the open C: Classics and The Terror

  • Kit: and sang no more: The Fictional and Historical Impact of Traditional Music in The Terror

  • Branwell Roberts: Poetic afterlives of the Franklin Expedition

Roundtable 1: Show Influences and Aesthetics
  • VP James: A New Way of Being: Moving towards disability in the Terror

  • Allison Raper: The Medieval Costumes of Carnivale and the Early Victorian Imagination

  • susan: Visual parallelisms, comparisons and artworks referred to in The Terror season 1

  • Grace: Doctors of Medicine: The Terror and the Birth of Psychiatry

Saturday Keynote

A conversation with the two of the editors of May We Be Spared To Meet On Earth: Letters of the Lost Franklin Arctic Expedition, Russell A. Potter and Peter Carney

Day Two - September 25
Panel C: Museums and Preservation
  • Sabina Zevons: Imagining the Northwest Passage

  • Maia Council: Interesting and Pathetic Relics: The Franklin Expedition and British Museums"

  • Rach: “This is what you tell them”: Presenting what remains of the Franklin Expedition

Panel D: History and Miscellaneous
  • Vini: The Summer of Doug: Douglas Mawson, the Construction of Society, and the Most Underrated Antarctic Expedition Ever!

  • Ted Logun: Let’s Talk about Grief, Baby – The Terror, Tragic Fandom, and Anticipatory Mourning in the Age of Climate Grief

  • Sarah Pickman: Next Door to the Promised Land: The Franklin Expedition and National Belonging from Richler to Rogers

Roundtable 2: Relics and Retelling
  • Sam Botz: Care in a Cold Climate: Polar Epistemologies of Preservation

  • Ashley Smith: Ghosts, Gore, and Girl Bosses; The Franklin Expedition in Twenty-First Century Literature 

  • Isaac Fellman: Unsettling the Question: Why We Retell the Story Of an Expedition

  • D.J. Holzhueter: Faith, family, and fate: John Irving’s life and afterlife

Sunday Keynote

A conversation with cast and crew of the Terror

Alex Eldridge (Writer's Assistance)

Christos Lawton (Lt. Hodgson)

Alistair Petrie (Dr. Stanley)

Annie Symons (Costume Designer)


Curious to watch previous Terror Camp presentations?

Watch this space! Terror Camp Command is working on a way to distribute links of past presentations. 

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